Merchant Cash Advance

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

A merchant cash advance is a great way for independent business owners to get the working capital they need to grow their business. Unlike traditional business loans, CapAssist does not lend any money. Instead, we are purchasing from you, in advance, a daily portion of your future daily sales. We provide you with the purchase price up front as a lump sum, and then we receive our funds back from you as a daily percentage of your credit card sales. This is not a loan, and it is not a credit line.

The great thing about a Merchant Cash Advance through CapAssist is that we do not underwrite like traditional banks do. When we're deciding whether or not to fund your advance, we look primarily at the business itself. We take into account the length of time you've been in business, your monthly revenue, and especially your monthly credit card sales revenue. If you have had some bumps in the road in your personal credit, your business could still qualify for the working capital it needs via a Merchant Cash Advance with CapAssist!

So, what happens after you get your advance? Where do you send your monthly check payment? Nowhere! You never have to write a check to satisfy your Merchant Cash Advance. Instead, we draw a manageable percentage of your daily credit card sales, and once your advance is satisfied, you're done! Why is this a good thing for you? Because we don't get paid unless you do. You don't have a static amount to pay, regardless of your business revenue. If you bring in a lot on a given day, then we get more (but the same percentage!). If you have a low day, then we get less (same percentage!). This way, your repayment is directly tied to the ebb and flow of your business revenue.

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Bank Loan Credit Card Asset Lender Personal Loan Merchant Cash Advance
90% Approval Rate X X X X
No Upfront Fees X X X X
No business plan required X X X
Same day funding available X X
Pay back as you earn X X X X
No collateral required X X

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