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How is a Merchant Cash Advance Different from a Business Loan?

A traditional business loan is one way to get the business capital you need, and is typically offered through a Wall Street firm or a traditional bank. With a business loan, you are taking out an actual loan that has to be repaid, with interest charges, and sometimes other additional fees. This type of business credit often requires thorough underwriting, a personal credit guarantee from the owner or ownership group, and usually takes several days, if not weeks, to be funded. Also, you have a set recurring payment, that does not change based on how much (or how little) revenue you may have coming in. With a Merchant Cash Advance from CapAssist, we make our funding decisions based on your business revenue, not your personal credit. And because we operate in this way, we can often have your business cash advance application approved within 24 hours, and funded within just a few days! Lastly, your payments fit your incoming revenue. It's a daily percentage of your credit card sales. If you have a down day, don't worry – your payment is less!

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Compare Merchant Credit Options

Bank Loan Credit Card Asset Lender Personal Loan Merchant Cash Advance
90% Approval Rate X X X X
No Upfront Fees X X X X
No business plan required X X X
Same day funding available X X
Pay back as you earn X X X X
No collateral required X X

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