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Funding Types

Sometimes the difference between a fulfilled or lost order is some additional working capital, but a traditional business loan may not be the right solution. Whether you need additional inventory, equipment or just to get caught up on some lingering expenses, THAT is why CapAssist exists – to help you stay on track. We offer three distinct programs to provide solutions for a variety of merchant needs.

Our Traditional Merchant Advance is the solution if you are an established merchant - with at least three months of credit card processing history - who is ready to grow.

Are you a merchant in the eCommerce space? Our eCommerce Merchant Advance helps you obtain the capital necessary to grow your online business.

Want to leverage your cash earnings as consideration for funding your advance? Our Hybrid Merchant Advance gives you more options for growth.

How It Works

Quick Process, 24-hour Approval

A Merchant Cash Advance isn't a business loan. Instead, we are buying a portion of your future daily credit card sales. In return we advance you a lump sum for this purchase, which is called a merchant cash advance. Unlike traditional business loans, our focus is on your credit card sales. Sure, we examine the business overall, but the focus is on your incoming credit card revenue. Because we evaluate our clients in this way we can often get you approved within one day!

Once approved, we'll ask you for a bit more information to help us finalize your merchant cash advance. This is pretty normal stuff, like bank statements, a voided check, a merchant application, and other similar items. Shortly thereafter, we'll be ready to fund your advance! All in all, we aim to fund in five to seven days!

Flexible Processing

Once your merchant advance has funded, CapAssist automatically receives an affordable percentage of your credit card sales on a daily basis. This percentage doesn't change day to day, so your daily allotment really is based on your sales for the day. You don't ever have to write a check! While the daily credit card processing method provides flexibility that adjusts to good sales days and bad sales days, if you prefer a set daily amount, we can make that happen too. We have the option to setup a set daily payment via ACH bank draft. Again, you never need to write a check! No one offers more flexibility than CapAssist!

Dedicated CapAssist Account Executives

You will have at least two individuals assigned to you throughout the entirety of our agreement. Need some additional capital before the agreement is complete? If we have received at least 70 percent of the agreed upon amount and you find yourself in need of another capital advance, we can help! Just contact your dedicated Account Executive to see if you're eligible to renew your merchant advance!

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Why It Works

We are a true, direct funder. And once your merchant advance is funded, you still work with us throughout the term of our agreement. We won't sell you off to someone else, or transfer you to some unknown processing center. We're partners, and we're sticking with you!

Whenever you apply for anything online, you run the risk of your personal and business information being sold to various third parties. This can lead to numerous spam emails and phone calls. Not with CapAssist! We never sell your information to third parties, so your sensitive information is safe and secure, and your phone and email can get a rest.

We know that it is perfectly possible to have a rough personal credit history, but a successful business. This is why, unlike traditional business loans, CapAssist focuses on the business itself when approving our clients' merchant advances. If you have bad credit, we still want to talk with you.

Bank Loan Credit Card Asset Lender Personal Loan Merchant Cash Advance
90% Approval Rate X X X X
No Upfront Fees X X X X
No business plan required X X X
Same day funding available X X
Pay back as you earn X X X X
No collateral required X X
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About CapAssist

Born in the Midwest, CapAssist is owned and operated by a group of individual business owners with a combined experience of nearly 50 years lending to other business owners. We aren’t one of those big Wall Street operations. We’re in the heartland of the US, and we come from a small business owner mentality. Our owners have built companies from one employee to 400, and have seen what it takes to grow a successful independent business. Because of this, we understand the needs of business owners – like yourself. CapAssist isn’t simply a direct funder, we're a partner who wants to see you succeed. That is the CapAssist difference.

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